Innovation – R&D Tax Credits and 10% Patent Box Tax Rate

Booth Ainsworth has been assisting businesses claim tax relief on innovation in all industry sectors for many years.

We often encounter business owners who are unfamiliar about R&D Tax Credits (Research and Development Tax Credits) or do not fully appreciate the value that the scheme can add to their business.  It really can develop new products and processes.

The R&D Tax Credit scheme is a Government incentive to encourage innovation by UK companies and has been around since April 2000. The 10 per cent tax rate on Patent Box profits came in from April 2013 for companies.

Your business may be eligible for these tax benefits if you are planning on innovating, improving or developing a process, product or service. It may be that your R&D activities are not immediately obvious and at the forefront of your business, but by speaking with us we can interpret whether or not you will be able to claim this 225 per cent tax relief.

Since the introduction of the R&D Relief we have worked with many of our clients and non - client’s to help them claim this generous R&D tax relief. By getting to know your business we will be able to identify potential R&D and Patent Box opportunities.

We take up the minimum amount of your time and through our experience, we are able to optimize any claim that you are entitled to at a highly competitive rate.

If you think the Patent Box or R&D Tax Credits apply to your business why not give us a call and find out if you are eligible?