We are able to prepare Accounts which reflect the special expenses and costs that a Dentist incurs and these Accounts assist in the preparation of our benchmarking service as each set of Accounts is prepared in a similar format.

For any business owner, working alongside of an industry expert gives you the peace of mind that you are receiving the very best advice. At Booth Ainsworth the ‘very best advice’ is always on hand and you will be surprised at the competitive rate of which it is available.

We are experienced in dealing with doctors and dentists and understand the quirks and issues that affect the industry. Peter Howard is a leading dental accounting expert, who was one of the founder members with NASDAL, which is an organisation committed to maintaining standards in the dental accounting industry.

Is your dental business as profitable as you would like? Are you retaining clients and managing the practice?

Contact our dental specialist Peter Howard for a chat about your business and see if we can help you in any business issues you may have.