Once your business is established and you feel confident about the future you are likely to want to consider growing it. This will involve sales growth, expanding the team, maybe buying another business, or new premises.  You could be diversifying into related products or services and using online facilities, social media and exports.

There are many ways to grow your business and you will need help in deciding which one is best for your business at the stage you are currently at. Do not overlook the need for profit growth to fund expansion, turnover is vanity, profitability is sanity.

There are many accounting and tax issues to consider too. For example, Do I need to register for VAT? Do I need a PAYE scheme? Do I have to auto enrol employees in pension schemes? When do I pay my taxes?

You would need an adviser who can proactively help you grow your business, we have vast experience in this area. We have assisted many clients in achieving their growth potential.  Read about some of the businesses we have worked with and the profitability they have enjoyed as a result of our pro-activity.