Whatever size business you are you are at risk of a tax investigation from HMRC. At any time, they can demand books and records going back many years for close inspection and ask searching questions that you may require expert advice to help you with.  

Many business people, however organised they are, feel that they could benefit from the help of a tax adviser during this time. An investigation can cause serious disruption and your work environment can suddenly become very stressful and highly pressured.

There is also a monetary penalty to consider. A tax investigation can run up thousands of pounds worth of accountancy fees to enable you to receive the expert advice required to conduct an investigation.

To minimise the impact of something like this happening to you, Booth Ainsworth LLP have teamed up with CCH to offer their clients a Premier Protection Service which would cover all your accountancy fees should something like this happen to you.

For as little as £72 for a private tax client a year you could be protected against spiralling accountancy fees and have peace of mind that expert tax advisers would be on hand to deal with any complications that could occur.

We have had an incident recently involving a longstanding client. Her business was randomly selected by HMRC for a tax investigation. Fortunately she had opted to use our Premier Protection service which eventually saved her £3,735 in fees.

Property owner, Mrs Husseini wrote to us to thank us for our guidance and support shown throughout the testing couple of months.

She told us: “I have been a client of Booth Ainsworth for 20 years and have always chosen to use the fee protection services as this gives me a security blanket in the event of a tax investigation. Recently HMRC launched further enquiries regarding a capital gains tax issue – a stressful few months followed but with the help of Booth Ainsworth we were able to focus on presenting our case to HMRC which resulted in a successful outcome. I was so relieved to have taken out the payment protection scheme especially as the case was so complex and involved detailed analysis. Booth Ainsworth were absolutely committed to working with us to challenge the investigation. I recommend to any business owner who is nervous about this happening to them to take out the payment protection – for such a small initial outlay the costs saved is so enormous should the worst happen.”

For further details about our CCH Premier Protection service and how it can make a difference to your business contact Pauline Jones-Pierce on 0161 475 541 or Steve Wise on 0161 475 1587.